What we do

We create spas that deliver the innovative experience.

Resense is a fast growing company that is strengthening its position in the luxury spa market by delivering strong added-value to its clients.  Resense will not create a spa concept and then “walk away”.  Resense is involved from beginning to end to ensure the spa’s successful creation, implementation and on-going operation.

Doubling the expertise

By bringing together Europe’s oldest luxury hotel group’s vast operational knowledge with the established methods of a luxury spa company experienced in tailoring the right spa for the right destination, Resense is able to understand what our clients need and deliver maximum spa performance.

Understanding the sophistications

To deliver the spa your guests will wish to return to again and again, and hence the most profitable spa, we need to ensure it has exactly the right size, design, flow, mix, theme, treatments, manning, training, products, costs and many, many other details.  We take all this into consideration (so you don’t have to) and actively manage your spa to ensure it provides sustainable and deliverable benefits and results.  This is evidenced by our performance statistics to date: for instance, Resense’s portfolio of operating spas that we have taken over have already experienced an overall average profit increase of more than 200%.

Recognising your spa’s unique identity

At Resense, we consider each client and guest as an individual. It is essential we consider your clientele and the spa’s local environment to create bespoke spas and spa menus that may encompass any form of authentic healing, from European massages to soft medical to ayurveda.  As a result, each of the spas we create has its very own charm and uniqueness ensuring it is a USP for the hotel.


We are not followers.  We put all of our expertise into designing well considered spas that offer real and tangible experiences for our guests.  This is achieved by not only having a well-designed spa with a good operational flow, but also by having the right people at the right place with the right training.  Resense considers authenticity to be necessary to achieve quality.  Resense’s portfolio of spas has achieved an average LQA (Leading Quality Assurance) score of 92% or higher for the past 2 years.

Taking responsibility

We are involved from beginning to end to ensure the successful implementation and ongoing operation.  We offer a complete service including the research, financial assessment, design, development, training and management of our spas.