Who we are

Created in early 2009, Resense began as a collaboration between Kempinski Hotels and Raison d’Etre.  This union brought together Kempinski’s hotel management excellence and Raison d’Etre’s experience in tailor-making holistic spas and spa brands.


Resense, now established in its own right, is arguably the fastest growing global spa company with more than 50 spas in operation and development after only six years.  It operates two brands, Resense ‘The European Spa’ and Kempinski The Spa and one white label spa at present.  In the future there will be more brands & white label spas to come.


This is the first time an hotelier has linked hands with an independent and renowned luxury spa specialist to create an independent company to maximise the performance of their spas.  The unique benefits to the client and guests are numerous:


To promise only what can be delivered and deliver it; and while doing so, exceed all expectations.


An exceptional spa experience which ensures guest loyalty.


Support, systems, training and standards to build a well-managed and well-cared for spa team.  Attention to all the needs of the spa team results in the ultimate spa experience for the guest.