Discover Kempinski the Spa

Kempinski The Spa is a journey inspired by the European cycle of the seasons.  Drawing on the elemental wisdom of nature, our treatments both invoke and restore the body’s natural equilibrium.
Kempinski The Spa can be incorporated easily in Kempinski hotels or residences, and adapted to their geographical location.



  • Outcome focussed treatments
  • High standard of service – guests are cared for from beginning to end
  • Simple, clear concept – guests and spa teams understand and love it
  • Adaptable – can be implemented in small or large spas and moulded to suit exact location without compromising integrity of the spa concept
  • Can be tailored or implemented immediately


It is not a myth, but a fact, that we are all unique.  You may feel invigorated and alive in cold weather and perhaps feel sluggish and fatigued in hot climates, whilst another person might be just the opposite.
Inspired by Kempinski’s origins, the distinctive European seasons central to the Kempinski The Spa philosophy invoke an understanding in most of us.  While winter generates thoughts of hibernation and recuperation, spring may encourage ideas of blooming and growth.
Our treatments are tailored to provide a definite result that suits each guest’s individual needs. Kempinski The Spa’s seasons do not prescribe who the guest is.  They identify with how the guest would like to feel.